Do you know that in our great state there are down payment assistance programs to help people purchase homes? Can you guess how many programs there are? In 2015, there were 445 programs in California. Did you come close? 27% of these programs have no first time buyer requirement.

The easiest way to research all of these programs available is to go to the following website:

At this site, you can search in 2 different ways. You can type in the specific address of a home you are interested in, or you can search by City. You will be lead through a series of questions which helps narrow down the programs for which you could qualify.

Clicking on the “Learn More” button on a specific program will yield information such as:

  • maximum sales price,
  • maximum down payment
  • whether or not you need to be a first time buyer,
  • how much of the down payment assistance needs to be paid back, and
  • how to qualify.

assistance amount available,

I can help you figure this out and your lender can help you as well.

Do you know someone interested in buying a home who would find this information helpful? If so, please share this with them. And, I’d appreciate an introduction to help them with the strategy and process involved with buying a home.